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For any educational institution, the most important aspect is the quality of faculty. The faculty at SBMT which is drawn from academia and industry offers a combination of diverse talents and rich experience is fully committed to their profession and have high standards of ethics and moral values, so that they can really inspire the students as role models. Special care is taken by each faculty member to pay personal attention and groom the students in such a way that they are capable of meeting any kind of career challenge in a highly competitive global market with utmost ease.

The mission of the Faculty is the advancement of knowledge and its applications to the development of human potential in a variety of learning environments and over one's life span. The Faculty values and encourages multiple perspectives and approaches to effective, cultural, cognitive, informational, physical, and social dimensions of human development. To unleash the career dreams of the students into reality, SBMT, in addition to its panel of permanent faculty members, also invites leading professionals and academic luminaries to interact regularly with the students, as visiting faculty members.

The SBMT Faculty is committed to excellence and ethical practices in teaching, research and development.

Sn. Name of Faculty  Deparment
1 Mr.Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj Deptt. of Comp. Sc.
2 Mr.Mr. Anurag Mittal Deptt. of Comp. Sc.
3 Miss Smriti Aggarwal  Deptt. of Comp. Sc.
4 Mr.Mohd. Umar Deptt. of Mgt.
5 Mrs.Suman Sharma Deptt. of Mgt.
6 Miss Deepti Singh Deptt. of Mgt.
7 Mr.Manish Kumar Verma Deptt. of Mgt.
8 Miss Spandana Singh Deptt. of Mgt.
9 Mr.Ravindra Kumar Deptt. Comm.
10 Mrs.Jyoti Poddar Deptt. Comm.
11 Mr.Piyush Mohan Deptt. of Comp. Sc.
12 Miss Savita Goswami Deptt. of Comp. Sc.
13 Mr.Shambhav Kumar Jain Deptt. of Maths
14 Mr.Keshav Agrawal Deptt. of Physics
15 Miss Disha Arora Deptt. of Physics
16 Miss Chanchal Gupta Deptt. of Zoology
17 Mr Anil Kumar Deptt. of Zoology
18 Mr.Hemendra Kumar Deptt. of Botany
19 Mr.Naresh Kumar Deptt. of Botany
20 Mr.Narenendra Kumar Deptt. Chem.
1 Mr.Shiv Shankar Chief Admin. Officer
2 Mr.Neeraj Sarswat Administrator
3 Mr.Anil Kumar Admin Executive
4 Mr.Radhey Shyam Office Executive
5 Mr.Sachin Chaturvedi Accountant
6 Mrs.Rekha Singh Librarian