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School Infrastructure

SBMT is packed with robust infrastructure and world class learning facilities that help students become globally competent

Lecture Hall

The Lecture Halls at SBMT are spacious and scientifically designed to ensure that each student has sufficient space, and each faculty member has the facilities necessary for addressing a large audience. In addition, each Lecture Hall is equipped with specialized teaching aids such as LCDs & Sound Systems. These Lecture Halls, therefore, make classroom teaching and learning an enjoyable and fruitful experience for the students as well as faculty members. Display boards have been put up in all the lecture halls, which serve as platforms for encouraging creativity and increasing awareness among the students.

Lecture Hall - SBMT
Seminar Hall

Seminars and workshops are a regular and integral part of the course curriculum at SBMT. For these purposes, we have a seminar hall enough to accommodate a large number of students, spacious and equipped with all modern technical aids including LCD and Sound Systems. This seminar hall is also used for Student meeting, Guest lectures and Screening of films on weekends.

Computer Lab

SBMT has state-of-the-art Computer Centre that provides computing facilities comprising of the latest machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. It has more than 30 computers. With highly qualified IT faculty team it caters to the Academic needs of the budding professionals aspiring for careers in the industry. The computer lab at SBMT is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts learnt in the classrooms.

Computer Lab - SBMT
Library - SBMT
Library Hall

Library is a pre-requisite for education for sustainable development at all levels of education. Library usage with the help of an educator is very motivated and ignites passion for student’s learning. For an IT scholar, it is a visible source to all its extension services such as Audio-visual Aids, Story hours, Lectures, Book exhibitions, Pictures, Newsreels, Films, etc, for Management Education. It is a known fact that the library helps strengthen collaborative research amongst industry, government and educational communities in the society and contribute to all life-long learning opportunities to students. From the orientation programme across the life-term of a student, library and its facilities are a constant knowledge pool for them and its usage is effectively cultured at SBMT, Bulandshahr.


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Laboratory - SBMT