Rules for Academic Discipline

  1. It is compulsory for each and every student to attend a all lectures, tutorials and practical. While stipulating 100% attendance, the University makes provision for ta minimum 75% attendance for a student to be eligible to appear in the Sessional |Test and University Semester (Theory and Practical) examinations.
  2. Any student absenting for two consecutive lectures/tutorials/practical or any other academic/co-curricular activity. To be entitled to attend these, student accompanied by his/her parents has to meet and obtain written permission from the HOD/Director or Competent authority.
  3. Any student remaining absent for me than seven days without prior written permission from the HOD/Director is liable to be ousted from the Institute and his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
  4. Every student must compulsorily appear in all the tests, complete all assignments, including tutorial and project work etc. given by different teachers within the time period specified. Students should bear in mind that internal assessment marks are based on their performance and any failure in this regard would be at the cost of the student concerned.
  5. Evaluation of performance in test, tutorials, assignments and project work as well as attendance record shall be made by the faculty for the purpose of award of sessional marks and Internal Assessment. Such marks awarded by the faculty would be final and no complaint this regard shall be entertained.
  6. Late entry into and mid/early departures from classroom, lab etc. are strictly prohibited.
  7. All the students must be inside the lecture halls/laboratories during lecture hours and lab sessions.
  8. Students are not allowed to engage in sports/games or any other during lecture/tutorials.